Acer heldreichii subsp. trautvetteri

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Acer heldreichii subsp. trautvetteri - redbud maple
Common name: redbud maple
Family: Aceraceae (maple family)
Synonym: Acer trautvetteri
Distribution: Turkey, Caucasus region
Hardiness: USDA Zone 5
Life form: Deciduous tree
Comments: In its native habitats this is a large deciduous tree, growing up to 60'. In Ohio it will most likely be only half that size. Dark green leaves are 5-lobed and divided nearly to the base. The petioles are usually bright red. Fall color is yellow. A nice specimen tree.
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  • 1: DWD: AE04 (AE04) • Accession: D2004-0206.002 • Provenance: Cultivated of Garden Origin
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