Torreya grandis

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Torreya grandis - Chinese torreya, Chinese nutmeg-yew
Common name: Chinese torreya, Chinese nutmeg-yew
Family: Taxaceae (yew family)
Distribution: China
IUCN Red list: Least concern
Hardiness: USDA Zone 6
Life form: Evergreen tree
Comments: This small-needled evergreen can grow 30-35' tall in its native habitat but will be much smaller in Ohio. It has a conical shape and dark green needles that are highly aromatic when bruised. Makes a nice specimen and is also good for hedges or screens. Does best in a moist loamy soil in full sun to part shade.
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  • 1: CON: CH10 (CH10) • Accession: D2003-0233.001 • Provenance: Cultivated of Garden Origin
  • 2: CON: CJ09 (CJ09) • Accession: D2003-0233.002 • Provenance: Cultivated of Garden Origin
  • 3: STU: AV09 (AV09) • Accession: D2003-0233.003 • Provenance: Cultivated of Garden Origin
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