Juniperus virginiana 'Woodlanders Weeping'

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Juniperus virginiana 'Woodlanders Weeping' - Woodlanders Weeping eastern redcedar
Common name: Woodlanders Weeping eastern redcedar
Family: Cupressaceae (cypress family)
Distribution: Species native to e. North America
Hardiness: USDA Zone 3
Life form: Conifer tree
Comments: A strongly weeping form, growing 12' tall by 6-8' wide with distinctly pendulous branchlets. Needles are mostly juvenile, awl-shaped and prickly to the touch. Overall color is medium to dark green year-round. Flowers staminate (male) and thus, no berrylike cones will occur. Young plants should be staked to encourage upright growth. A uniquely textured conifer that makes an especially pleasing accent plant.


  • 1: CON: CR13 (CR13) • Accession: D1998-0483.002 • Provenance: Cultivated of Garden Origin
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