Cercidiphyllum japonicum 'Dawes Ascension'

Cercidiphyllum japonicum 'Dawes Ascension' - Dawes Ascension katsura-tree
Common name: Dawes Ascension katsura-tree
Family: Cercidiphyllaceae (katsura-tree family)
Distribution: Species native to Japan and China
Hardiness: USDA Zone 5
Life form: Deciduous tree
Comments: This beautiful deciduous tree growing 40-60' tall but only half as wide was discovered at The Dawes Arboretum. Very upright and narrow when young, presumed will spread more at maturity. Older trunks have attractive shaggy bark. In fall bright yellow leaves give off a spicy cotton candy fragrance.


  • 1: JPG: AZ23 (AZ23) • Provenance: Cultivated of Garden Origin • Accession: D1993-0765.001
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