Abies lowiana

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Abies lowiana - California white fir, Sierra white fir
Common name: California white fir, Sierra white fir
Family: Pinaceae (pine family)
Synonym: Abies concolor var. lowiana
Distribution: s.w. United States (California & Nevada)
Habitat: Mixed coniferous forests; 900--2300m
Hardiness: USDA Zone 3
Life form: Evergreen tree
Comments: While growing larger in its native haunts, this evergreen tree will achieve about 40' tall and 20' wide in cultivation. A great plant for the Midwest. Unlike most firs it is equally tolerant of heat and cold once established and very tolerant of urban conditions.
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  • 1: DWD: AH08 (AH08) • Accession: D1993-0079.001 • Provenance: Cultivated of Garden Origin
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