Rhododendron cumberlandense

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Rhododendron cumberlandense - Cumberland azalea
Common name: Cumberland azalea
Family: Ericaceae (heath family)
Synonym: Rhododendron bakeri
Distribution: s.e. United States- Appalachian Mountains
Habitat: Ridge tops, mixed deciduous forests; 300-1800 m
IUCN Red list: Least concern
Hardiness: USDA Zone 5
Life form: Deciduous shrub/Subshrub
Comments: This deciduous azalea grows as a shrub to 4-6' tall with a similar spread. Summer foliage is medium green taking on yellow to red tints in fall. Valuable for its summer flowers that range in color from dark red to orange. Does best in open sites, but will tolerate partial shade. Plant in well-drained, acidic soil.
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  • 1: AZA: BC14 (BC14) • Accession: D1997-0621.001 • Provenance: Cultivated of Garden Origin
  • 2: AZA: BC14 (BC14) • Accession: D2013-0065.010 • Origin: United States of America • Provenance: Wild of Known Origin
  • 3: VCA: AU11 (AU11) • Accession: D0000-1279.001
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